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Please note-The project has now come to an end. Please contact 01286 679 343 for more information.

This project will provide support for local communities to improve and benefit the environment, ethos and distinct qualities of Gwynedd to develop new packages of experiences based on these assets. Practical and financial support (up to £10,000 @80%) will be given to 15 specific areas within the county to identify, develop and market their area  to the visitor. Areas to be chosen as a result of an open competitive process. 

The project is operated by Consortiwm Rhif Deg on behalf of Gwynedd Economic Partnership

The various locations and ideas surrounding the project can be found here:

Locations and ideas surrounding PP


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Llwyddo Yng Ngwynedd

Gwynedd Ar Y Cyd / Gwynedd Together Partneriaeth Twristiaeth Gogledd Cymrul / Tourism Partnership Wales Hyrwyddo'r Iaith Gymraeg yng Nghwynedd / Promoting the Welsh language in Gwynedd Partneriaeth Twristiaeth Canolbarth Cymru / Tourism Patnership Mid-Waes Cyngor Gwynedd / Gwynedd Council Bwrdd Yr Iaith Gymraeg - The Welsh Language Board Leader LCC / WAG